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Async Mode

NOTE: Async Mode is supported for ESP8266 & ESP32 microcontrollers only


One of the features of ElegantOTA is the async mode, which provides asynchronous web server functionality for handling OTA updates. This mode should only be enabled if you are using ESPAsyncWebServer library in your project/firmware.

Enabling Async Mode

For Arduino IDE:

  1. Go to your Arduino libraries directory

  2. Open ElegantOTA folder and then open src folder

  3. Locate the ELEGANTOTA_USE_ASYNC_WEBSERVER macro in the ElegantOTA.h file, and set it to 1:

  4. Save the changes to the ElegantOTA.h file.

  5. You are now ready to use ElegantOTA in async mode for your OTA updates, utilizing the ESPAsyncWebServer library.

For PlatformIO:

If you use PlatformIO then we can use a neat trick! You can set build_flags in your platformio.ini file that enables Async Mode of ElegantOTA.

  1. Open platformio.ini file of your project
  2. Paste this line build_flags=-DELEGANTOTA_USE_ASYNC_WEBSERVER=1 at bottom
  3. Done!

PlatformIO will now compile ElegantOTA in Async Mode!

Benefits of Async Mode

Enabling async mode for ElegantOTA offers several advantages:

  1. Non-blocking Operation: In async mode, ElegantOTA leverages the asynchronous web server capabilities of ESPAsyncWebServer. This means that OTA updates won't block your device's main loop. It allows your device to continue executing other tasks while handling OTA updates in the background.

  2. Improved Responsiveness: Your device can remain responsive to user interactions or other processes during OTA updates, ensuring a smoother user experience.